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Melinda's New Single!!!! "Magic" is here!!!! Produced by Moustache (the boys behind the wordlwide smash "Everywhere") the team has got back together and given us this HUGE track!!! Yippee!!!!
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Melinda Jackson's 1st single and remixes available inside!!!

Formal release mid Feb

iSPY attending Midem 2007

We are so f*^cking sorry that we have taken are time updating our news section but grab a beer or some popcorn or yo ass and read on!!!
Melinda Jackson's 1st Single!!!
We are proud to announce that our little girl has all growd up and is we are sending her out into the world minus her blankie to wreck havoc and destroy!
We have a bona fide smash single here in "Fall In Love" with remixes from the likes on Van She Tech ( & Tonite Only ( as well as a dance floor smash dub edit by our very own The Audio Thieves!

Our mate Sam Littlemore produced this gem whilst in the States working with Nelly Hooper on Gwen Stefani's album L.A.M.B and then took his f*^cking time finishing it but how worth it was the wait??? You can find out all the info on her newly updated page and can even buy the 12" Vinyl in our shop (limited numbers)!!
You are going to have to wait for the CD (Jan 2007 release) but the track & the remixes are getting absolutely smashed already in the clubs and also at radio, so if you hear it get on da dog&bone and give the DJ's a holla that u like that shit ya'hear!!!

The total CD package for release can be heard on Mel's page and the absolutely fantastic video has also just wrapped shooting (Directed by the groovy Mr. Gawain McGrath & Produced by the 'so cool' Tickettoride peeps ( Let us know what you think!!!

The Audio Thieves:
Things are really going off for these guys!!! Recently (just minutes ago in fact!!) their first single "Pray Like (Aretha Franklin)" has been released locally in a joint venture by iSPY & CSR and in the UK in a joint venture between iSPY, CSR & Lowered UK ( How cool is that???
The video for Pray Like is all over TV with plays on Rage & MTV nights and the boys are getting ready to tour over Xmas so watch out for them!!!

I know that everyone is waiting to hear what the fuck exactly these guys have been doing instead of putting their track out on cool rock comps and been looked for from groupies to USA Management companies & Major Record Companies!!! The fact is that we have locked them away for the last 9months and they have been hard at work writing for their debut album!
The boys are also off to in March 2007 and will be touring before the event and afterwards all over the west coast of USA and may even drop back through NYC to meet up with the mates that they made on their recent tour in the big apple (and we all know what happened then don't we??)